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"SLAB" because end walls appear to be 2 ft. thick SLABs, while the roof with 4 ft. overhang also appears to be 2 ft. thick SLAB. The deck too appears to be 2 ft. thick SLAB supported on 4" diameter metal posts.

This "minimalist' house with built-in closets and desks is only 2256 square feet in total size.

1st and 2nd floor front walls are side to side glass walls 13'4" wide and 7 ft. high.

Slab House is perched on a concrete foundation set on a rocky knoll, hence the outside stairs from carport to front door landing.

SW view.

The carport under the deck can accommodate two cars end to end.

SE view

NE view.

Note 1 ft. square windows in north wall provide light, privacy and ambiance.

NW view

Note landing at front door and access stairs are exterior though under cover.

1st floor plan

Note front wall glass panels are each 13'4" wide and 7 ft. high - identical on 2nd floor - except for the two open glass doors leading from the dining area to the deck.

1st floor open from north

1st floor open from south.

2nd floor plan.

Note abundant closet space in this minimalist design.

2nd floor open from south

2nd floor open from north.

kitchen to living

living to kitchen

living to kitchen

Note first floor tiles extend under glass wall to deck edge.

Note the exterior entrance stairs are 6 ft. wide allowing space to install a 'chair lift' on the inside wall - to move people and groceries up to the entrance landing.

'Chair lift' location.