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Cool Queenslander: Designed for a flat, viewless lot in Queensland, Australia. The traditional pyramid peaked roof covers the sunken living room with clerestorey windows providing cross ventilation above. Notice the metal gazebo and trellis on the north side of the house - designed to be covered in shade providing creepers (bouganvillia) to keep the sunny side of the house shaded and cool. The trellis and gazebo frames rest on 'L' shaped pillars to provide architectural relief from the simple box-like structure.

Security was a prime consideration - hence the privacy gardens off each bedroom and bathrooms have security grills which can be released from inside in case of fire. The garden was walled with a guard dog run and metal see-thru gates. (See drawing left). A lap pool was installed in the walled front garden with pool equipment and pumps loacted in the 'pool stuff' room opening into the front garden. Two 2hp pumps provide turbulence and a current to swim against.

Passive cooling: One of the design stipulations was to provide passive cooling systems - not to rely exclusively on energy consuming air conditioners. The traditional high pitched ceiling over the living room was surrounded with 3 ft. square opening windows to allow hot air to escape with cross ventilation. The flat roof ceiling sections were severely insulated with 16 inches of fibreglass batt material. The roof drains were elevated by 3 inches so that the roof could retain 3 inches of water before overflow drainage - and water could be added to the roof in hot weather to protect the roof deck from the sun and to provide cooling due to evaporation. The privacy gardens off each bedroom have trickling water fountains and lush greenery - providing shade and evaporation - and the security grills allow residents to sleep with doors and windows open into these cool gardens. All windows are louvred with built-in burglar bars - allowing the windows to remain open at night to cool the house - closing the windows during the day keeps the heat out. Small air conditioners were installed in the bedrooms to provide comfortable relief on those few exceptionally hot nights.

Pillars: The peaked roof is supported on 12 round concrete pillars (see drawing above) and notice that there is a 4 ft. wide open passageway surrounding the sunken living space. The open cabinet between the entrance hall and living space houses TV and audio equipment. Since the residents spend much of the summer months eating outside under the gazebo it was required to be close to the kitchen. For more details read the 'detailed description' link below.

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detailed description

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2559 sq.ft. = living

288 sq.ft. = workshop

99 sq.ft. = pool stuff

566 sq.ft. = carport

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