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Turret House - flat roof - pyramid extrusions

TURRET HOUSE consists of 4 basic 12 ft. square modules. Each two storied unit has a flat roof with pyramid extrusions and the 4 modules are offset around an 8 ft. square central turret with windows. The ground floor has 3 bedrooms but the second living floor is open plan. The turreted clerestorey windows provide ample daylight to the center of the living space - Turret House has 'attitude' even though it is only 1280 sq.ft. (640 sq.ft. each floor).

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only 1280 sq.ft.

First floor details: Small spaces are enhanced by careful window placement and minimal furnishings. Bedroom #1 has 12 ft. square floor area with additional 11 ft. closet space - three 4'x8' sliding doors make closet accessible. Single bedrooms #2 and #3 have 5 ft. closets - each with corner hand basins to reduce bathroom congestion. Entrance hall has coat closet and hot water tank under stairs. Stairs are 3.5 ft. wide with 12 inch steps and 7 inch risers - safe and comfortable to navigate. Glass door leads to privacy deck. Stacked washer and drier are concealed behind dual use passage door.

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Second floor details: The extravagant stairwell is open to the L-shaped living/dining area - provides appearance of spaciousness. But the dramatic emphasis comes from the turreted clerestorey windows and the 10 ft. high ceilings in the living room and kitchen. A glass door leads onto the cantilevered dining deck. Note the recessed telephone desk and shelves. The 4 ft. wide access to the kitchen is arched. Storage in small houses is critical - hence the kitchen pantry and the closet at the top of the stairs.

The 4 box beams shown (green) are 12 ft. long by 2 ft. high. Box beams are constructed using 2x4s with half inch plywood nailed or screwed to both sides.

Turret walls and windows fit on top of box beams. Living and kitchen ceilings are 10 ft. high - dining and stairwell ceilings are 8 ft. high.

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Designer's comments : All windows and doors are stock items. Bedroom, kitchen and stairwell windows are 4 ft. high and 3 ft. wide. Dining and living room windows are 6 ft. high by 3 ft. wide. Corner windows make small rooms feel expansive. Changing the 12 ft. square towers to 14 ft. square towers will increase the house size from 1280 sq. ft. to 1696 sq. ft. - and the first floor layout could be considerably improved with the size increase.

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1st floor

2nd floor

Small houses eventually require additional storage. Add a large (24'x24'x9') affordable garage - doubles as rec room - table tennis or billiards?

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interior ceilings peak dramatically

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