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Roy's House was designed for a mountain top lot with lake views to the north, and street access from the south. The wrap-around deck is on the south, east and north sides of the house, with the roof top deck on the garage on the west. The roof top deck is secure (no ground access) for sleeping out under the stars. The breakfast nook off the kitchen is placed on the south east corner to catch the morning sun.

south view

south east view

north east view

west view

north view

north west view

Notice large window on stair landing facing lake view.

The semi circular protrusion houses the fire place and chimney.

1st floor open

Beams demarcate the living and dining areas from the kitchen and nook. The kitchen counter on the nook side is an eating bar.

Window sills are 10" wide and 2 ft. off the floor. Window panels are 5 ft. high by 3 ft. wide.

The half-wall between the posts obscures the counter working surface from the living room. There's a 1 ft. wide shelf on top of the half wall. Notice the telephone desk and shelves backing onto the fridge location.

The deck door is the natural extension of the traffic flow from the entrance hall past the kitchen and nook - there are no exterior doors in the living or dining areas hence no necessity to walk through either room for deck access.

2nd floor open.

The two 10 ft. square towers are over the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms with 10 ft. ceilings in each.

Notice the placement of the three skylights.

If this design 'grabs' you, talk to Plum about it.

SE perspective

NE perspective