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Hill Top House

Compact and efficient 2200 square foot home. Open floor plan with living and dining walls being glass from floor to ceiling and opening onto a wrap around deck space. Floor tiles run under window mullions across deck expanding the living space considerably. The upper floor ceiling continues to the outside deck roof line with no beams visible. 8ft windows have top window mullions attached to the ceiling.

Since this house was designed for a climate with hot summers and cold winters, the outside deck space is covered for summer shade, while on the ground floor is a fireproof concrete furnace room housing a wood buring heater with hot air ducts running through the floor joists to blow hot air into the upstairs portion of the house. The wood fireplace in the living room is free standing (suspended from the ceiling) and swivels - asthetically pleasing rather than a major source of heat. The first floor furnace chimney runs up through the living room corner behind the floating fire place. This furnace chimney is double skinned with air vents in the double skin allowing chimney heat to escape into the living room.

Views of mountains and lake are to the north and primarily visible from the dining room, deck and kitchen - hence the glass wall in the dining room and glass rail on the north side of the deck.

The stairwell landing features small one foot square windows visible from the living area. For additional light a 4 foot square skylight is positioned above the stairs.

The double garage has a 16 ft wide roll-up door and there are two 3ft by 5ft high windows in the garage side.
The front door is recessed (2 ft) and has glass blocks next to it to provide light in the entrance.

Notice living and dining window bottom mullions are caulked to the floor tiles that run through to the deck side parapets - visually expands the living space.

The kitchen windows (18" high) run from counter tops to bottom of upper kitchen cabinets, allowing for plenty of upper cupboard space and interesting views from the within the kitchen.

The one foot square stair landing windows provide interesting views and add a noticeable feature to the otherwise rather box-like house.

First Floor: Walk through while following along on the plans below. Entrance from covered porch with glass block panel next to front door. Notice space for bench next to entrance closet - for those who have to sit while fastening shoes - shoe storage under bench. Across from entrance closet are built-in shelves for car keys etc. Washer and drier are located in a deep closet, under a counter with wrap around shelving above. The space before mounting the stairs serves as a laundry room, with broom closet under the stairs.

The small ante-room before entering bed#2 or the bathroom serves to make bed#2 ensuite for visitors. All windows are mounted 6 inches outside perimeter walls, providing deep window sills. The bathroom off bed#1 has a wide tub/shower with hinged glass panel that eliminates the need for a shower curtain.

Notice the concrete block walls making the furnace room fireproof. Hot air ducts in the garage closet ceiling distribute hot air through floor joists to various locations on the second floor. In-line duct fans will move the hot air around. Electric base-board heaters will provide heat when the furnace is not in use.

Second Floor: Walk through - 4ft square skylight provides light for stairs and laundry room/entrance. The 'wow' effect when arriving at the top of the stairs is the view through all those glass wall panels - emphasised by the ceiling running through to the outside perimeter and the floor tiles running under the widow mullions. There are built-in shelves backing onto the fridge - place for charging mobiles etc. The kitchen island has a rounded cantilevered counter for sitting at on stools. Out on the deck there's a deep closet backing onto the study for deck furniture storage.
The study could be used as a third bedroom if necessary - with private access to the bathroom via the ante-chamber. Notice the built-in bookcase in the study backing onto the living room wall. This wall in the living room provides space for entertainment modules - TV and sound systems.

Picture of suspended fireplace for living room in front of furnace room chimney.

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