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Block House was designed with security as a primary consideration - hence no windows in the 10ft. high outside walls. Even the metal security grills in the walls near the courtyard pool can be filled in if there is no view. However, no exterior wall windows does not equate with a dark house. Notice the living/dining/kitchen 'great room' has four wall to wall windows measuring 14ft. wide by 10ft. high with an additional fourteen 2ft. square windows at ceiling height (12ft.) in the side walls. The 'great room' is flooded with daylight throughout the day. The 'great room' is 29ft. deep by 41ft. across, with a 12ft ceiling - a fabulous living space. The main bedroom and study each have two 8ft. square windows, and each garage has similar 8ft. square windows. These large windows are protected with built-in exterior commercial roller blinds - see cross section and house drawing below. The numerous arched doors throughout soften the severe angularity. Construction is dead simple, with tiles on the concrete floor running from entrance courtyard through the 'great room' to the pool courtyard - bottom window mullions are screwed and waterproofed to the continuous tiled floor. Enlarge and explore the drawings. Email Plum Design with your comments or questions.

Floor plan. Notice bedrooms #1 and #3 and both garages also have 4ft. by 8ft. windows opening into 4ft. square security wells covered with metal grills which release from inside for easy egress in case of fire. Pool can be lengthened to suit lap swimmers or pumps in 'pool stuff' storage room can generate a current to swim against. Security camera and audio response unit at undercover security door allows screening of visitors before entry into entrance courtyard. Read walk-thru description below for more details about Block House.

section thru kitchen showing end wall windows

section thru living showing side windows and roller blinds

section thru entrance, kitchen, pool

NE view all open

SW view all open

close-up of kitchen - see range vent in section above

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built-in security roller blinds lowereed

House = 2683 sq.ft.

Garages = 392 sq.ft.

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