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This close-up of the living room shows the disguised closet doors - look like shelving units not doors - same in rec room upstairs. Cyclindrical tube above stove is part of exhaust venting system.

1st floor: 2529 sq.ft. plus 604 sq.ft. for garage. The squareness of the house makes for simple construction - concrete slab floor with flat truss roof. To soften this angularity the entrance hall doors are 8ft. high arched doors. Ceilings are 9ft. More 8ft. arches cover the 5ft. wide passages from living and dining rooms to bed and utility rooms, and another 6ft. wide arch creates an alcove for the air tight wood heater. Yet another arch leads from the main bedroom into the walk-in closet. The open living plan boasts 41ft. from living to dining room windows, with the living room being 27ft. wide. Minimalist living is accommodated through ample storage closets. Check enlarged floor plan for traffic flow.

Scott House was designed to take advantage of views to the south, with large wall to wall windows in the living room and 2nd floor recreation room opening onto outside patio and roof deck. Tiled floors inside flow onto the patio and roof deck with only the bottom window mullions screwed and waterproofed to the floor tiles making the rooms expand into the outside space. Heating is provided by in-floor hot water pipes with additional air tight wood heater located next to a wood storage closet which has loading access from outside. All 2ft. square windows are set 6ft. off the floor for privacy. The large windows were designed to be covered with either interior or exterior roll-down blinds. Explore the drawings and don't be shy to email Plum and ask questions for clarification.

House = 3293 sq.ft.

Garage = 604 sq.ft.

2nd floor: 764 sq.ft. This room is approximately 24 ft. square - large enough for doubles table tennis matches. The storage closets are concealed behind doors disguised as shelving units - see close-up drawings below for similar doors in the living room. The toilet at the top of the stairs has neat 'sentry' type windows. Access to both front and back decks makes this a perfect summer party space.

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