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STUDIO HOUSE: Designed to provide a studio room with roof deck access for a work-at-home artist. Built on a rocky outcrop the house has wonderful views, hence the windows wrapped round the open plan living space on the second floor. The 12/12 sloped living room ceiling has two sky lights which can be looked through when standing on the 3rd floor landing where one can look down into the livingroom. The cantilevered dining deck catches the early morning sun. The small footprint makes the Studio House perfect for hillside lots with access from the back. See below for plan showing garage at rear of house. Photographs of the built house (see below) show octagonal windows up the sides, but since they were difficult to cover (with blinds or curtains) this design shows rectangular windows.s up both sides - cute but awkward to install blinds.

FIRST FLOOR: 768 sq. ft. Notice that bed #1 has direct access to the bathroom, plus a walk-in closet. The 8 ft. wide access to the bedrooms doubles as a utility area with under counter washer and drier behind a roll-up screen. The hot water tank is beneath the stair landing. Notice the privacy roller wheel between the bathroom doors - opening one door closes the second door.

SECOND FLOOR: 768 sq, ft. In this open plan the kitchen is slightly obscured from the living room, but the TV and gas fire place are visible from kitchen, living and dining areas. The kitchen island has an eating counter, and the dining deck is readily accessible and close to the kitchen. The study, designed as an office/computer room, could be used as a temporary kid's bedroom.

THIRD FLOOR: 378 sq. ft. The landing between the studio room and bathroom adds an interesting dimension to the living room below. The studio room closet fits under a sloped roof. Since there were no immediate neighbours close to the original house site, the deck rails were left open. Should there be neighbours at future sites, the deck rail could be made solid for privacy - walls below merely extended upwards.

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: This compact design can be enlarged simply by increasing the dimensions. On a sloping lot there will be crawl space storage under the front bedrooms.

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Small houses are affordable to start with but when families acquire bikes and lawnmowers etc. storage becomes critical. Plum advises clients to pour concrete pads for carports which subsequently can be enclosed as garages - in this case a 24 ft square garage with a 9 ft ceiling and high clerestorey windows - hence all walls are available for shelving and storage.


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House = 1914 sq.ft.