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The main feature in this design is the pentagonal living room with sloped ceiling and covered veranda off the living room - with access doors from the dining room and bed #1.

In the large drawing on the right the living room CONCRETE roof has been removed but the CONCRETE support strips have been left in place. These concrete strips (with rebar) add strength to prevent veranda roof uplift in hurricane winds and provide visual depth - shadows and profile. Notice the air vent at the high point of the sloped roof - hot air will naturally convect up the sloped ceiling an exit through the 'air vent' into the 3rd floor landing space and out the windows directly above the air vent. Notice too that the living room roof slopes from 7' at the low peak to 8'3" where the front wall joins the ceiling then up to 11' 6" at the high point just above the air vent.

Thick wooden shutters - which latch open against the outside walls - provide protection during high winds and hurricanes. It would be more functional to have shutters that hinged at the top and pushed outwards to 90 degrees (horizontal) because that would provide some shade and rain cover for the windows - but these shutters might be too heavy.

The suites are comfortable enough to be permanent residences for tenants if necessary, and access to the suites from the main living space is through closets with shelves at the base of the stairs when the suites are used by family members.

The recessed 'kitchen' spaces in the suites have under counter fridges with plenty of storage in the upper kitchen cabinets.

The roof decks are both accessible without passing through the 3rd floor rooms (bedrooms for visitors?) The toilet and shower are separated so that there's an effective bathroom on the third level.


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