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The Round House

Assembled from pre-fabricated panels. All angled panels (some with 3 ft wide windows) are assembled and numbered off site for quick and easy assembly on-site.

A neat south facing house designed for minimalist living (outside the box!)

Walk round the outside of the house.

Approach to the house is along side the double carport beneath the floating round roof.

South West view

South view

East view

North East view

North view

North West view

The 16 three foot square windows reveal the double storied living room space inside.

Floor plans revealed:

In the 3D drawings below the roof and floors will be removed floor by floor to reveal the interior layout.

South view below

North view below

Third floor roof removed

Third floor walls removed

Second floor roof removed

Second floor walls and floor removed

2D floor plans and lot plan below

View from living room towards kitchen with 2nd floor landing above looking down into living and down onto kitchen range

View across kitchen showing curved stairs up

View from kitchen across living

View looking across kitchen with pantry and laundry room on right

View from 2nd floor landing looking down into living room

View from 2nd floor landing looking down onto kitchen range

Interior views below

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