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FIRST FLOOR: Both front and back doors open into a common entrance hall, with coat closet surrounded by small windows or glass blocks. A 4'x6' opening in the ceiling above allows one to look up at the ceiling on the 3rd floor. Bedroom #1 has a walk-in closet with access to the bathroom in which there's a step-in tub/shower with surround tiles. Bedrooms #2 and #3 share a bathroom.

CITY HOUSE: Designed for a narrow 33' city lot with neighbours on both sides, privacy was an essential consideration - notice window placement. Residents access the property via the back lane and garage. With limited garden space, the owners wanted a sunny family room with decks and views from the 3rd floor. Stair window on west side looks over neighbour's house.

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: The offset stairs provide expansive open plan living on the second floor. The interior spaces are intriguing yet the construction is simple and affordable. Since the outside garden is limited, the outdoor living takes place on the roof decks with easy access from the kitchen up one flight of stairs.

THIRD FLOOR: Both front and back roof decks are secluded and planters placed on the raised roof sections will provide even more privacy. One can look over the rail to the entrance hall floor below. The large stair window throws light on both sets of stairs and down to the entrance hall. A gas fire place in the family room provides a cosy spot during winter months. A ceiling fan above the stairs pushes warm air down into the rest of the house.

SECOND FLOOR: The open plan space measures 46 feet from living to dining windows. Raised ceiling sections (12') over the kitchen, dining, living and study accommodate the clerestorey windows which are 8 ft. off the floor - provide light and privacy. The laundry off the kitchen has floor to ceiling shelves for groceries plus under counter washer and drier - and access to a secluded toilet. The closet under the second flight of stairs serves as a broom/vacuum storgae space. The study/computer room has interesting dimensions.

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