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<<< This view shows how the arches line up - looking in thru the living arched window - the next arch is from the entrance to the living room - the next arch is over the front doors (window still above) - and the final arch is over the metal gate. These 4 arches line up and are the same height.

When standing in the entrance hall, if you look to the left (coming in thru the front doors) there's an arch (only 8" thick) above the entrance from the entrance hall to the kitchen area - and it lines up with the arched kitchen sink window. On the right is another high arch over the entrance to the bedroom wing - and there's an arch over the 2nd bedroom window looking into the courtyard.

Designed for a lot on the island of Monserrat in the Carribean, this simple to build house has concrete block walls, a concrete roof, and substantial shutters to provide protection from hurricane force winds (and flying objects!)

The carport could have a concrete roof, or be closed in for a double garage. Because this is a minimalist house, notice the abundance of closets.

The roof deck is 'private' in that it's only accessible from inside the courtyard - a great place to sleep in hot weather.

To provide architectural interest inside some arches have been added and the living room ceiling is 12.5 feet high - the rest of the ceilings are 9.5 feet high.


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