Turret Cluster House Units:

Below is one unit shown from each compass angle with the turret, downspouts and carport privacy fences shown coloured for emphasis. Windows have been carefully placed for privacy, and notice that the 1st floor deck on each unit is obscured from the 2nd floor deck on the adjoining unit by the carport roof and privacy fence. No matter in which direction each unit faces the windows will provide ample daylight, and of course the turret windows will flood the upstairs open plan living space with daylight all day. The stairwell windows face onto the shared drive - which means that the public space is visible every time a resident uses their stairs - provides a level of security - visitors and residents will feel watched when in the public space.

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First Floor: 664 sq.ft. (Total 1304 sq.ft.)

Bedroom #1 has 12 ft. of closet space, while bedrooms #2 and #3 each have 5 ft. closets. The washer and drier are stacked behind a dual use passge door. The stairs are easy to navigate - 12 inch run and 7 inch rise. Notice the 2 piece ensuite toilet off the master bedroom which fits underneath the 2nd floor deck.

Second Floor: 640 sq.ft.

Even though each floor has only 640 sq.ft. of space, the open plan second floor feels spacious because the living and kitchen ceilings are 10 ft. high and the turret ceiling is 12 ft. high. The space also expands across the stairwell to windows looking out onto the communal drive. There's a broom closet at the top of the stairs with a pantry closet in the kitchen behind it. An arch separates the kitchen from the living space, and a recessed telephone desk with shelves is next to the arched kitchen entrance.

Turret roof off

A developer requested that Plum Design show how the Turret house would fit on two 50 x 200 ft. lots zoned R2. The drawing on the right shows the resulting proposal.

The 8 town house units are joined by the carports, and each unit is offset from the unit on the opposite side of the drive - providing view corridors between the units. The colours used are to show clearly which carport belongs with which condo. Each carport houses two cars.

The lot plan shows that the two lots share a drive - a simple easement registered against the lot titles provides for this continued sharing. Six guest parking spaces are provided at the street entrance.

Units #1 to #4 are on one lot, while units #5 to #8 are on the second lot. Notice that the front carport posts are set back (roof cantilevered) to avoid being hit by parking vehicles (hopefully).


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