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Each unit has a 30 ft. deep parking space (will accommodate two cars)

Each unit has 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms on the 1st floor, with kitchen and open plan living on the 2nd floor, and sun room and roof deck on the 3rd floor (detailed plans below).

Detailed drawings and floor plans for each unit are shown below. Click drawings to enlarge.

NE view

SE view

SW view

NW view

FIRST FLOOR: 692 sq.ft. (Total 1640 sq.ft.)

The front door porch is rain protected by the 2nd floor deck above. The entrance has a 3 ft. coat closet with full length mirror mounted on the closet door. A privacy door opens into bedroom area. The storage closet holding the hot water tank is accessible only through the bathroom off bedroom #1 - door swing misses toilet. Note linen shelves behind bathroom door and 4ft linen closet between bedrooms #2 and #3. Bedroom #1 has an 8 ft. closet; bedrooms #2 and #3 have 4 ft. closets. Bedroom closet doors are 8 ft. high bi-pass doors allowing access to top closet shelf.

Construction is simple: a 24 ft. square box with overlapping 16 ft. square stairwell tower.

SECOND FLOOR: 692 sq.ft.

A ceiling beam divides the dining from the living area. The door opening onto the deck is a glass paneled door. The entrance to the kitchen is under two arches which separate the stacked washer and drier and pantry from the kitchen. There's a 2 ft. high cupboard mounted on the ceiling above the eating bar. Notice the recessed telephone desk and shelves backing onto the pantry closet.

THIRD FLOOR: 256 sq.ft.

This 3rd floor provides luxury living space. Occupants can sleep out under the stars, and kids can pitch tents. The 3 ft. high half wall around the stairwell allows the space above the stairs to be part of the 16 ft. square sun room. A recessed door provides access to the 436 sq.ft. roof deck which has a 3.5 ft. solid wall rail around it. Large deck umbrellas will provide shade. Roof top meals are feasible since the roof deck is only one flight of stairs up from the kitchen.

The individual colours of the 16 ft square towers have complementary coloured exterior doors.

Shrubs will be grown in the 4 ft. wide green strip shown in front of each unit - to provide some privacy for bedrooms #2 and #3.

Close-up - click to enlarge.


4" square metal posts and cross pieces with curved metal roofing. Note cantilevered roof at drive - front metal posts 4 ft. back to (hopefully) avoid turning cars.

Carport roofing added - scroll down for drawings below.

Lot Plan for clustered units.

Close-up - click to enlarge.

Colours in these drawings are to emphasize features, not what these units would look like in reality. The 24 ft. square towers could be sheathed using corrugated galvanized sheet metal, with the 16 ft. stairwell tower sheathed in a coloured sheet metal. The units can be sheathed in various stucco colours, or siding, or whatever one's budget or preferences dictate. The drawings are presented like this to show the shapes and internal spaces so that a viewer can trace carefully the traffic patterns.


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