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FIRST FLOOR: 116 sq.ft. The double garage is 24'x24' (576 sq.ft.) - plenty of storage space. The garage doors are 9' wide - easy access - and there's a back door out into a fenced yard. Visitors coats go on hooks in the small entrance hall - residents coats and boots go in the closet in the garage. The hot water tank is under the stairs in the large storage closet. The second floor deck provides rain protection over the front door.

SECOND FLOOR: 692 sq.ft. If built on a slope the a back door could be placed at the top of the stairs leading out onto a deck at ground level. Notice the glass door leading onto the small deck over the front door. Notice also the stacked washer and drier opposite the pantry - both secluded somewhat by the arches over the entrance to the kitchen. There's a 2' high upper cupboard against the ceiling over the eating bar - the other upper cupboards are 3.5' high. There's a point-load post in the wall next to the telephone desk to support the beam shown in the open 3D plan to the right.

THIRD FLOOR: 692 sq.ft. In addition to the three bedrooms and bathroom, there's a cheater ensuite toilet, plus a large linen closet and broom closet at the top of the stairs. Much of the floor space is taken up by the passages - access to the roof deck and main toilet dictate this usage.

FOURTH FLOOR: 256 sq.ft. This 16 ft. square sun room provides easy access to the roof deck which has a solid 3.5 ft. high rail.

This is what each unit looks like - bird's eye view at each corner. Notice that there are no windows in the sides - provides privacy from neighbouring units. These drawings show clearly the 4th floor sun room and roof deck.

1st floor open

2nd floor open

3rd floor open

4th floor open

If the 4th floor exceeds the height restriction, the sun room can be cut. The roof deck is retained with outside stairs but the stairwell walls are still full height.


These drawings show the stairwell wall cut down to 3.5 ft. height above landings and stairs.

The Town House was designed to be built in clusters on strata titled land. Each individual unit has sufficient space for a family (provided the family is into 'minimalist living'). Double garage and storage on 1st; open plan living on second with walk-out deck over front door; three bedrooms on 3rd and sun room with roof deck on 4th.

The Town House can be built as an individual house - simple and inexpensive construction - but standing alone it could have windows in the side walls - talk to Plum Design about it.


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