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garage = 576 sq. ft.

dining deck = 196 sq. ft.

SLAB HOUSE: So named because of the visually appealing 1 ft. thick (white) slab walls that run front to back - the thickness emphazised by the 3 ft. square 'holes' at the front door and on the dining deck - plus the 'floating' slab wall concealing the stairs to the roof deck. But the primary appeal is the open plan interior where the multi-levels open into the 23 ft. high entrance gallery - with 3 ft. square sky lights above and 3 ft. square windows up the front wall and down the back wall. Check the drawings below with front walls removed.

SECOND FLOOR: The stairs are open to the gallery. The first run leads from the entrance to living room level. The second run leads from the living room level to kitchen/dining level. Standing at the dining room rail one looks down into the entrance and acroos the gallery space into the living room. There's an 'L' shaped kitchen counter/eating bar, with a telephone desk next to the back door which leads out onto a ground level back deck - the house was designed for a sloping lot facing water views, with existing houses on surrounding lots - hence the need for privacy on the dining and roof decks. The utility room is accessed through the kitchen behind a pocket door. The roof deck is reached by outside stairs from the dining deck. The third run of stairs leads from the dining level to the main bedroom plus study level. A pocket door provides ensuite privacy - though the study could be used as a third bedroom. The main bedroom has a window opening into the gallery space making the dining and entrance level visible from this bedroom - and allowing morning light from the sky lights to filter into the bedroom. There's a soaker tub plus shower stall in the main bathroom.

ROOF DECK: Views from the roof deck are fabulous, and privacy from the house behind can be attained by planting tall growing shrubs in tubs along the back deck half wall. The beams over the dining deck provide stability for the privacy wall as well as somewhere to suspend hanging flower baskets or bird feeders.

open plan
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section A through dining and living rooms

section B through kitchen, stairs and study

<<<front walls removed >>>

Garage = 567 sq. ft.

slab house detailed description

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floor 1 = 904 sq. ft. =

floor 2 = 1212 sq. ft.

roof deck = 588 sq. ft.

existing house photos - pic #1

- pic #2

House = 2116 sq. ft.

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: The cross sections and drawings with front walls removed show the open plan volumes. The original owners invited me to many parties and social gatherings at the house and the traffic flows worked wonderfully. In the photographs of the built house below notice that many of the 'slab' architectural details were removed to reduce construction costs. To compensate and provide some architectural interest the windows were wrapped round the corners and pushed out 6 inches.

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