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First Floor: The open floor plan provides panoramic views through living, dining and kitchen windows. Residents access the house through the utility room from the double garage. The livingroom is defined by it's arched ceiling, and the dining room has perimeter concealed lighting - ceilings are 9 ft. Though the house has electric baseboard heating throughout, the air tight wood heater plus exposed tall chimney provides sufficient heat to keep the house at summer temperatures throughout the winter. Notice the wood storage closet under the stairs has access from the garage - wood is delivered by pick-up truck and loaded directly into the wood storage closet - from whence it is easily avaiable when loading the wood heater.

Roof Deck House: This house was designed to take advantage of views across a valley looking towards mountains and glacier so all living rooms face the view - and of course the roof deck has 360 degree views.

Second Floor: Both bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms - but there's access to the 2nd bathroom from the landing in case the study is used as a 3rd bedroom. The two 2ft. wide doors into the study fit neatly into recesses when open with arches above openings. The landing space outside the study is perfect for ironing - next to the linen closet where the ironing board is stored. The bathroom off bedroom #1 has both a soaker tub and a shower stall. Five steps lead up to the garage roof deck, and the stairs up the the roof deck are metal with poured concrete in the step pans - no wood to rot.

Roof Deck: The roof deck and garage roof deck can be turned into an oasis with tubs and pots for plants and shrubs. Water taps and electrical outlets are provided on both decks. The decks have 2 inches of poured concrete over two layers of torched-on bitumen roofing - and non-skid tiles could be added.

Designer's Comments: Since this house is built on a steep slope there is very little garden to deal with, but keen gardeners could turn the roof decks into tub and pot planted jungles. For additonal information read the "detailed description" link below.

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roof deck house detailed description

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Living space = 2264 sq.ft. .

Roof deck = 405 sq.ft.

Garage = 576 sq.ft.