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Small secure house for flat viewless lot.

House size: 1400 sq.ft.

Patio size: 905 sq.ft.

Carport size: 637.5 sq.ft.

The only exterior windows in this burglar proof design are the 1 ft. x 3 ft. windows set between 7 ft. and 8 ft. off the floor - ceilings are 9 ft. high. All interior glass panels are 3 ft. by 8 ft., providing day light and sunlight throughout the day. There are six strategically placed 2 ft. square sky lights illuminating possibly dark corners.

The carprt can easily be turned into a double garage with inside secure entry through the present back door.


The drive-thru double carport has glass panels between the extruding trellice supports providing rain free access to the front and back doors.

The 24 ft. diameter patio is completely surrounded by 3 ft. x 8 ft. glass panels with two opening glass doors.

Living, dining, kitchen and main bedroom all face directly into the patio area, and the second bedroom, study and two bathrooms have glass panels facing the patio too.

Walk through continued:

From the entrance hall one walks under a 2.5 ft. arch into the main living area with views of most of the house through glass. The kitchen has an eating bar at the dining side, with a glass door opening into the patio area for easy access when eating outside.

In the living area a ceiling mounted drop down TV swivels through 360 degrees for easy viewing from the kitchen, dining and living areas.

The 8 ft. diameter and 6 ft. deep plunge pool can be covered with inset deck panels during cooler months to provide for full patio use. Hot water solar panels on the flat roof will keep the plunge pool warm through most of the year. The second patio door opens to connect directly with the walk-in shower in the second bathroom.

The main bedroom shows a queen sized bed with large closets in the dressing area. A privacy/sound-proof door is set in the passage close to the soaker tub. The solid wall next to the tub has towel rails attached. For privacy, the glass panels have floor mounted roller blinds that pull up from the floor (rather than down from the ceiling) so that one has privacy when the blinds are 6 ft off the floor, still providing light from the two feet visible glass above.

Notice one closet in the main bedroom has a 7 ft. ceiling to allow light from the two small windows above it - though there is also a 2 ft. square sky light above the dressing area.

Notice also the 2 ft. x 3 ft. concealed safe closet in the main bedroom closet - will temporarily conceal two people plus valuables.



Walk through:

The approach to the front door is under the glazed trellice (similar for back door). The front entrance hall has a coat closet with small window set above the closet, plus a 2 ft. square skylight. The study opens off this entrance, with three glass panels providing a view into the patio area. The closet has a sliding pocket door, and the room could be a third bedroom if necessary.

The back door opens into the laundry room, with under counter washer and drier and shelves above the counter in the corner next to the linen closet. There is also a broom or coat closet.

The second bedroom shows a queen sized bed, 6 ft. wide closet, three glass panels with views of the patio, and easy access to the second bathroom with walk-in shower.

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