living = 4016 sq.ft.

garages = 840 sq.ft.

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SE view

SW view

NE view

NW view

1st floor plan = 1776 sq.ft.

2nd floor plan = 2240 sq.ft

THICKSLAB HOUSE was designed for a large family. It has 5 large bedrooms plus a study, and since a two car garage was considered inadequate to handle family accessories such as bicycles, golf cart, camping and skiing equipment, a third car garage was included. One of the design parameters was to ensure that the street approach to the house was not dominated by a 3 car garage - hence the garage door set backs and dominant street porch architectural detailing. The house fronts onto a golf course with large houses close by on either side, so to maintain privacy there are virtually no side windows and the roof deck is obscured behind a high wall having three 4 ft. square holes punched into it. The bench surrounding the patio is low (seat height) so that the golf course view is not obscured. The first floor has 10 ft. ceilings throughout.

FIRST FLOOR: Notice that the 2 ft. thickslab feature is maintained inside - posts and beams separating the dining room from the kitchen and living room. The entrance hall closet framing and telephone desk are similarly outlined. The outside living room wall has the same detailing surrounding the gas fire place and shelving units. The stairs are open into the living room.

SECOND FLOOR: The core of this house is the well lit space under the raised turretted roof. Traffic to bedrooms, roof deck and study passes through this open space frequently. The 6 ft. wide landing doubles as a laundry room, with washer, drier and laundry tub concealed behind three 4ft. wide sliding doors. Notice the second toilet included to reduce bathroom congestion. The study could have windows looking into the turretted space.

view from golf course

street view

Turret roof off

Designer's comment: Large functional family home with exciting interior spaces but simple, affordable construction requirements.

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