Cylindrical House was designed to be built using metal studs, vertical metal siding, four metal posts bearing two metal I-beams - in fact, the construction is pretty simple. But the interior spaces are dramatic. Explore. The south east view shows the covered walk connecting to the double garage. The large windows are covered by large fabric covered blinds on roller tracks - purple in these drawings just to identify them.

South view

West view

SE view

NW view

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East view

First Floor: 1256 sq.ft. Open plan with 9 ft. ceilings throughout. Large windows are made up from 2 ft. square panels to 8ft. height. Single 2ft.sq. windows are 6ft. off the floor - notice them above the 6ft. high closets in the entrance hall and utility room. The fridge, washer and drier, domestic hot water tank and hot water floor heating units all fit under the first flight of stairs. The stairs are easy to navigate - only a 6 inch rise, with 12 inch width on the inside and 19 inch on the outside. The semi-circular space above the range is open all the way up to the sunroom ceiling 31 ft. above. The counter with sink is 4ft. deep with a 4ft. high half wall obscuring it from the living space. The rounded ends are sit-at eating counters, and there's a one foot deep storage cupboard under the half wall shelf. Ask Plum for more details.

1st floor

2nd floor

Second Floor: 1256 sq.ft. Both bedrooms are identical but reversed, with pocket doors for occasional closing leading into dressing space and bathroom. Clothes hang against the outside wall while there are shelves against the stairwell wall - blue in the drawing below. Two 2ft.sq. windows above the kitchen closets throw light onto the first flight of stairs, and from the landing one can look down into the living space on the first floor and straight out through the second level windows.

Third Floor: 346 sq.ft. This 'sun room' provides access to the wrap around roof deck. The stairwell wall is rail height, and the 2ft.sq. windows are set at 4ft off the deck. Notice the recessed 16 ft. double garage door. All exterior doors are 8ft high, recessed a foot into the cylinder shape for weather proofing. 6 inch square metal posts (green) are visible in the first and second floor drawings - these are the point loads carrying 9 inch metal 'I' beams which are concealed within the floor stucture. Ask Plum for more details.

3rd floor

close-up of kitchen >>>>>>

Designer's comments: Web surfers who have emailed encouraging comments to Plum have remarked that Plum's designs tend to be rather square and angular (the result of attempting to make construction affordable). So Plum has posted this design which uses metal stud walls (hinged plate sections make rounded walls simple to build), metal posts and beams and vertical metal siding. But finishing details can vary depending on personal preferences of course. Plum welcomes comments and criticisms on all designs.

House = 2858 sq.ft.

SW view

NE view

Garage = 615 sq.ft.


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