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Twist House. Traditional Queensland peaked living roof with high ceiling and clerestorey windows - along gallery entrance as well - cross breeze vents warm air. Client loved the 'cool queenslander' (page 9) but this twist house was designed to offer similar dramatic living spaces yet fit a lower budget . This inexpensive twist house was designed to be built on a concrete slab with pigmented floor colour (tiles could be added later) and cinder block walls with wooden truss roof.

Floor Plan. Notice that the clerestorey windows above cut diagonally across the kitchen thereby including the kitchen under the peaked ceiling. As one walks along the entrance gallery the 12 ft. high ceiling opens up into the peaked living ceiling providing dramatic effect. Coming out of the kitchen there are three closets on the right. The first is a pantry closet, the second a telephone desk and notice board, and the third is a broom closet. There's an entrance coat closet opposite the door into the gallery from the garage.

Garden Walls and Lap Pool. The walled garden provides security round the lap pool. Note the garden doors or gates between each bedroom garden - provides privacy for the bedrooms. Click drawings top enlarge.

Designer's Comments: Inexpensive construction but spatial attitude. Read the "detailed description" link below.

NW view

NE view

SE view

SW view

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twist house detailed description

House = 1847 sq.ft. Garage = 301 sq.ft.

Garden walls added

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