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Halfslab House: 1612 sq. ft. - resized version of slab house retaining roof deck access. Walled gardens front and back increase apparent size of bedrooms. Open stairwell adds volume to living and dining areas - see cut-away drawings below. Small house has 3 bedrooms, generous open plan kitchen, ample opportunities for container gardening, and plenty of attitude.

1st floor: 848 sq. ft. Plan shows optional carport attached - see drawing at bottom of page. Notice walled gardens off bedrooms are half under cover from overhang above. Big patio doors in bedrooms expand space into gardens. Garden areas could be concreted (providing adequate drainage) with creepers and shrubs planted in containers. Similar containers can be installed on dining and roof decks. Bedrooms #2 and #3 have hand basins to ease bathroom congestion. Bedroom #1 has walk thru closet with access to back walled garden through glass door. 3 ft. square holes in garden walls can be securely covered from the inside using wire mesh which in turn will support creepers.

2nd floor: 764 sq. ft. Dramatic open plan - 32 ft. from living to dining windows with 22' x 9' stairwell volume visually added. Large kitchen (18'x14') has under counter washer and drier behind rolldown shutter, plus 10.5 ft. eating counter, and broom closet under outside stairs to roof deck. Traffic flow from cantilevered landing at top of stairs across to kitchen or deck door. Notice telephone counter and shelves in one foot deep recess next to glass door onto deck. Large blank wall in stairwell facing living is ideal for picture or tapestry display. Outside stairs to roof deck concealed behind 'floating' slab wall. High beams over deck support privacy wall and accomodate hanging flower baskets.

Roof Deck: Lower deck 168 sq. ft. Upper deck 664 sq. ft. For privacy from house behind, a row of shrubs in tubs can be positioned along the back deck wall. Halfslab house was designed for lot with surrounding neighbours - hence no side windows. Stairwell roof could have optional skylights installed. Drawing below shows carport added. Carport could become a closed in garage with access door into entrance hall.

House = 1612 sq. ft.

note walled gardens

note stairwell open to living

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note 10.5 ft. eating counter

note telephone desk and shelves

note carport added

secure roof deck for outdoor sleeping

Designer's Comments: Neat little house with plenty of expansive outdoor living spaces. Simple construction - attitude to spare.

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