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WEDGE HOUSE: The truncated wedge shape was inspired by the lot dimensions - see lot plan below. A young couple acquired the 'unbuildable lot' for a song - approached Plum Design - this was the creative solution. The hillside lot has 15 ft. of rock at road level with the unaccessible remainder 26 ft. below. The narrow point of the house plus walkway to the entrance was anchored to the rock cliff top, while the rest of the house was suspended 26 ft. in the air on metal posts set on large concrete pads below - see cross section drawing. The roof deck compensates for the lack of outside living space and encourages gardening in containers. Hose taps and electrical outlets are provided on the roof deck. The need for a recessed under cover front door, plus a kitchen deck to house a gas fired barbeque, led to the addition of small wedge shaped extrusions on the sides of the second floor. The 'L' shaped stairs, and square sunroom on the roof deck level, made the inclusion of the offset square tower a natural choice. The metal awning attached to the sunroom protrudes over the deck sides and is visible from below - provides balance.

lot plan

SW view

FIRST FLOOR: 765 sq, ft. The living space extends under the stairs to two 3 ft. square windows (see interior photograph) and one looks across the kitchen to the dining room. The 8 ft. pantry closet backing onto the entrance deck compensates for no overhead kitchen closets. There's a 4 ft telphone desk space next to the pantry closet. The see through stairs are welded metal with hardwood steps inserted into the metal step pans.

SECOND FLOOR: 845 sq. ft. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a 2 ft. square sky light in the passage leading the bedroom #1. At the top of the first flight of stairs is a computer desk while the undercounter washer and drier are in the opposite corner close to a 4ft. linen closet. The hot water tank is placed in a closet in the second bathroom. The alcove behind the door is for hanging towels.

THIRD FLOOR: 256 sq. ft. The sunroom has large windows facing onto the deck, and one can look over the handrail to the first floor below (the location of an air tight wood heater plus chimney if required). There's a cabinet with sink in one corner. The glass door leading onto the deck is recessed to protect it from the rain.

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: These blended geometric building blocks provide an eye catching form, while the inside spaces with angled walls feel distinctly 'un-box-like'. On a flat lot the Wedge House could be enhanced with the addition of a single storied reversed wedge garage.

The metal trellis connecting the wedge shaped garage to the house can be waterproofed using a piece of plexiglass or tie-on canvass awning.

wedge garage roof off

wedge garage positioned next to wedge house

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wedge house detailed description

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Living space = 1866 sq.ft.

Roof deck = 539 sq.ft.